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Why choose Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County?

Remote monitoring from the comfort of your home

Remote monitoring from the comfort of your home

Evening appointments

Evening appointments

30+ years of specialist experience

30+ years of specialist experience

Affordable financing

Affordable financing

Free orthodontic consultations

Free orthodontic consultations

Invisible treatment, spectacular results with clear aligners

Aligners for Adults

Invisalign® - Your future to your dream smile

Aligner treatment that moves with your busy lifestyle. See why Invisalign clear aligners make an accurate, discreet, and comfortable choice for achieving a spectacular smile.

Discover Invisalign® for Adults

Invisalign® - 11 million smiles straightened in secret

Aligners for Children

Invisalign® - for children

We know your child’s smile is the most precious thing. Help keep that smile healthy with Invisalign, the gentle treatment made just for them.

Discover Invisalign® for Children

Invisalign® for children

Dental Monitoring - Virtual check-ins made easy

Straighten your teeth from the comfort of home. At OSOLC, we offer Dental Monitoring to all patients with aligners OR braces. See how this revolutionary app can help you save time with virtual orthodontic visits!

Dental Monitoring for Invisalign® Dental Monitoring for Braces
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Transforming smiles in our communities

My husband and I love this team! They get the job done correctly and get you in & out. Thank you for helping us with our smiles.

Cathy Dylan

After all three of my children completed treatment at Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County, I also decided to finally take care of myself. I love the dental monitoring system they use because it limits the amount of appointments you need. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional.

Kathy Zurawsk

Just finished with Invisalign, because i needed to correct my bite as my teeth got worse as I aged (50+). Dr. Kats and team are wonderful and the results exceeded my expectations! They are all patient and made me feel at ease- always available to answer questions, plus super friendly ( i was hesitant to do this and spoke with several orthodontists before i selected this group). I totally recommend this group for any ortho needs! Jill

Jill Selgrad

I loved everything about OSOLC including the friendly staff, the doctors, and the process of my Invisalign treatment. Everyone really treats you like family, they’re friendly and professional, and go above and beyond and explain any questions or concerns you may have. It’s also super convenient to have all the trays given to you, and to use Dental Monitoring to take scans from home, so you barely have to go into the office! I highly recommend this place to anyone needing orthodontic care, especially Invisalign!

Priya Sheth

I've had a fair amount of contact, first with my sons braces, myself with Invisalign, and now my daughter's Invisalign. I can't imagine a better experience throughout. OSLC sets the bar for the concept that people make the difference. The office, from start to finish, functions with the expertise and efficiency of a Formula 1 pit crew. Yet, they do so with happy smiles throughout. When you're there, you really feel cared for on a personal level, because you are. Amazing people=amazing experience! You won’t be disappointed.

Greg Hamilton

OSOLC is always friendly, reliable and professional. As a person over 60, I wondered if Invisalign was right for me. Five months later, I am excited to say results have been almost instantaneous. I am ecstatic. Dr. Olga Kats and team are the best!!

Mary Clare Urborg

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