The image that most people think of when the topic of braces comes up is an awkward teenager embarrassed to show their teeth. That may be the common image, but this view is actually the wrong one. The best time to get braces is when a child has started the earlier stages of oral development. It’s actually best practice to bring your children into our office for an orthodontic exam by the time they reach the age of 7.

By the time a child turns 7, they have grown all of their primary teeth and at least shown signs of their adult teeth erupting through the gums. If they have, or are going to have, developmental problems, this age is the perfect time to start watching for them so they can be corrected.

Not only are crooked teeth a concern when thinking of getting braces, but there are many other developmental issues that can manifest at an early age, including ones that have to do with jaw development. Orthodontic correction can ensure a child’s teeth and jaw grow in a functional and healthy way, and prevent future problems. Waiting until the teenage years can be a mistake, by then the jaw bones have grown strong and be harder and costlier to correct.

However, if you bring your child in early, you can start guiding the growth of the jaw and permanent teeth from that young age and prevent problems as they grow. You can avoid those difficulties they could experience later and provide your child with a healthy jaw and teeth, and avoid those embarrassing braces during their teen years.

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