You and your braces will be together for a long time. It may be months or a year. It may seem like you will be stuck together forever, but one day, your teeth will be properly aligned and it will be time to remove your braces.

Getting your braces off is done in one appointment. It is painless, and you may be surprised at the sensation you feel when the pressure is released. You may want to reach for your phone to take a selfie of your new smile, but you aren’t quite done. Your dentist will fit you with a retainer, which you will need to wear for the length of time prescribed by the dentist.

You may notice that you have spots on your teeth, which is perfectly normal. Those spots are the result of plaque building up around your brackets and can be fixed with a whitening treatment from your dentist. It is also a good idea to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam after your braces come off.

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