The reality of living in the information age is that we’re all glued to our phones.  We rely on them for everything, from quickly playing our kids’ favorite songs to head off a tantrum to securing our homes while we’re out. At Sellke & Reily Orthodontics we’ve taken the leap to let us manage your orthodontic treatment remotely with your phone!

How does it work?

It begins with a complimentary consultation and a treatment plan will be developed to map out a pathway toward the smile you’ve always wanted for your child– or for yourself. Dental Monitoring works with Invisalign and traditional braces, allowing Dr. Sellke and Dr. Reily to track your progress, regardless of which type of treatment you pursue.

After your conversation we go 3D! Our iCat 3D X-Ray allows us to view teeth, bones and joints in all their 3D glory!  We add a 3D dental scan to create virtual models of your teeth to create the most effective treatment plan for your treatment goals.

Once treatment begins it’s time for your “virtual appointments”! You’ll get a reminder notification from your personalized app. The app will walk you through taking a series video scans that should take less than a minute and are done weekly. DM’s software enhances and sequences the video images so that the doctors can track your treatment progress.   DM scans allow us to monitor treatment weekly instead of just when you are scheduled for appointments.

We are so excited to be able to offer Dental Monitoring to our patients that we’ve put together a few of the benefits below:

  1. Fewer physical appointments – your schedule is busy enough with car pools, afternoon activities, sports, rehearsals, school and work. Since we’re monitoring remotely with virtual appointments, you don’t need to come visit us any more often than necessary.
  2. More virtual appointments – our app will send you reminders on a weekly basis to take your scan. While it may seem like we’re seeing you less, we’re actually monitoring your treatment much more frequently!  Patient in our office will be scheduled for visits only when needed based on information from the scans they do.
  3. Better control – the pictures you send us with the app allow Dr. Sellke and Dr. Reily to track oral hygiene, aligners fitting, possible tooth wear or decay, or appliance breakage problems that may cause problems or extend treatment real time.
  4. Faster treatment times – because we can detect issues faster and monitoring treatment much more often,  treatment times will be shorter!
  5. Improved confidence and compliance – Dental Monitoring helps patients take an active part in their treatment progress. The regular check-ins and feedback from Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County  improve confidence and compliance leading to better result, faster, in fewer appointments.

We live our lives in 3D, so why would you trust your orthodontic care to someone using 2D technology? Dr. Sellke and Dr. Reily are leading orthodontists in the field and are helping to pioneer this amazing technology including lecturing internationally and teaching at the University of Illinois Department of Orthodontics. Click below to schedule schedule your complimentary consultation at one of our 3 local offices and enjoy the benefits of your smartphone helping straighten your or your child’s smile!