At Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County, we know that when it comes to simply spectacular smiles, traditional braces are a tried-and-true orthodontic treatment. Meanwhile, we are known for being on top of the latest technology to make sure you’re getting the best of the best when you come to our practice. So, what is it that makes our treatment so fast and so good?  In this post, we will discuss our perspective as well as the merits and drawbacks of treatment with braces or Invisalign.


For decades traditional braces had been the only option to correct things like crowding, overbite, and crooked teeth. Brackets cemented to the teeth was the “gold standard” for exceptional treatment and predictable results.  


Invisalign is a clear plastic removable appliance that snaps over the teeth that has become an alternative to traditional braces. The good news on aligner treatment is that they are virtually invisible.  The bad news is they can be removed and without good compliance on wear (22 hours/day) the results are unpredictable.  Aligner treatment also had a reputation for longer treatment and, in the early days, aligners could only be used on very easy orthodontic problems.

Our technology has changed all this!  Let’s explore how!

Technology we use:

  • iCat 3D xrays – Treatment can only be as good as the diagnosis.  iCat 3 dimensional xrays allow us to view teeth, bones, and joints in 3 dimensions with no more xray exposure than the traditional 2D images of most practices.  Better 3D diagnosis yields better, faster treatment, something our patients and parents love!
  • 3D dental scanners – We use scanners to create “virtual models” of the teeth without the inconvenience of taking impressions.  This allows us to marry 3D dental and skeletal images created with iCat to develop highly accurate virtual treatment plans not possible without iCat and scanners!
  • Suresmile – Robotically bent wires created with Suresmile are use for traditional braces.  These wires offer precision impossible to match with wires bent at the chair and over 10 years experience with Suresmile treating thousands of cases document that we finish patients 6 -8 months faster, too!
  • VPro5 – This is a vibration device that patients bite on for 5 minutes a day.  The net result is virtually painless treatment and in less time.
  • MOP – A challenge of adult treatment is the limitations that exist for non-growers.  MOP (short for micro-osteo-perforation) allows us in older patients to create more cells, turning adult bone into something more like that of an adolescent.  MOP allows more treatment possibilities (like less extractions) and faster treatment which adults really appreciate.
  • Dental Monitoring (DM) – Dental monitoring converts a patient or parent’s phone into a remote monitoring device.  The advantages of DM for all patients:
    • Many fewer appointments (because we are monitoring remotely).  People with busy schedules LOVE this convenience!
    • More control (because we can observe and immediately address problems that may adversely affect treatment before they do!)
    • Faster treatment (with fewer undetected problems and the ability to regularly monitor compliance, treatment flies along!)

How do these technologies affect treatment with braces versus Invisalign?

Traditional Braces

  • Treatment is less dependent on cooperation (braces are not removable)
  • Braces are harder to keep clean (they can not be removed like aligners)
  • Visits can be schedules as infrequently as every 12 weeks or sometimes even longer with Dental Monitoring
  • Precision finishing with Suresmile in far fewer months


  • The ultimate in esthetics but with the drawback of the need for great compliance for the aligners to work properly
  • Enhanced oral hygiene (aligners, unlike traditional braces can be removed for brushing and flossing)
  • Treatment almost as fast as “braces with Suresmile”
  • With Dental Monitoring precise control of progress, and visits only when needed (every 12 weeks usually)

What’s right for you?

Today we can treat patients to the same quality of result with traditional braces or Invisalign.  The cost of either treatment is very similar.  The decision on which way to treat your teeth has boiled down to a decision on esthetics and, very importantly, on compliance.  

Our doctors have treated thousands of cases with braces and/or Invisalign.  In fact we have had the privilege to create our trademark “simply spectacular smiles” on over 25,000 Lake County residents, encompassing three generations.  Our experience with either appliance will serve you well once you have chosen treatment with braces or aligners.

We offer our patients the latest in technology.  The result is the fastest, best treatment with the least inconvenience to patients and parents (fewer appointments and less months in treatment).  Our doctors continue to be involved in clinical research through the University of Illinois where Dr. Sellke is a clinical professor in the department of orthodontics.  Thousands of orthodontists worldwide have benefited from our treatment methods as a result of Dr. Sellke’s lectures internationally.  Rest assured, at the offices of Drs. Sellke & Reily you will enjoy leading edge treatment in the least time and inconvenience.  Check us out on our website  You will not be disappointed.

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