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RE: The Coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic and care at our offices

March 16, 2020

Effective Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 our office will be closed to all patients except true orthodontic emergencies until April 20th

We are issuing this message to provide an update of our response to the coronavirus pandemic. What follows is a summary of the recommendations of not only the centers for disease control (CDC) but also what has been mandated by Governor Pritzker.

We ask that you carefully read this message in its entirety. There is much useful information. We will be sending further communication in the coming days.

Ill State Dental Society (ISDS) Members: Immediate Release: March 15, 2020

ISDS is recommending for dental offices to be in effect for the two-week period beginning Tuesday, March 17 through Tuesday, March 31:

  • 1). Treat only patients requiring emergency dental procedures.

  • 2). Postpone elective dental treatment and procedures.

  • 3). Preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for emergency dental situations. This action will also preserve the limited supply of PPE so it can be used for urgent and more complex medical care that will be needed in our healthcare system.

  • 4). Communicate the utmost importance of the health and safety of our patients, the dental team and our community in implementing these measures

In the next two weeks, we anticipate that the Centers for Disease Control, American Dental Association and Illinois Department of Public Health may establish additional safety measures above and beyond our already comprehensive universal standards of infection control. We also recognize that dentists, as small business owners, have families and employees who rely on us. By taking these additional precautions, we hope to minimize the long-term impact on our offices by the spread of this virus.

Effective Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 our office will be closed to all patients except true orthodontic emergencies until April 20th

If you feel you have an orthodontic emergency please call our office at 847-223-2876 and we will be happy to make appropriate arrangements to address the issue.

The Coronavirus is now a worldwide pandemic. The centers for disease control expects the pandemic to peak in the United States in 4 to 6 weeks. As a result of this information we have elected to extend our closing until April 20th for your protection.

Now some good news!

Our office has an amazing technology that allows us to do remote monitoring of treatment. It is called Dental Monitoring (DM). ALL of our active patients and most of those in retention use this technology. We began using DM long ago to offer our patients convenience. DM allows fewer visits, faster visits, and even faster, better treatment. This was a huge benefit for patients, parents and others who have very busy lives.

With Dental Monitoring the need for visits can be dramatically decreased for all of our safety. Via Dental Monitoring we can see when it is critical to have an in-office appointment or when we can continue to monitor remotely. This allows for social distancing in an enhanced antiseptic environment.

How will this work:

1). For this policy to work we need everyone using Dental Monitoring to take regular, quality DM scans (you know how to do this). This allows us “remote house calls” that will ensure treatment is timely and appropriate (without the need to come in). 

2). The doctors will be reviewing the records of EVERY patient in the coming days. We will notify you when, after careful review, would be a good time to schedule your next in office visit. So for the moment… no news is good news. Stay at home. 

3). We anticipate that even after April 20th that we will have restrictions in the number of patients we will be able to see based upon the CDC recommendations. 

4). After this pandemic has passed (and it will) we will resume normal operations

As a helpful guide let us share with you this information on prevention of spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) from the CDC:

  • Frequent, thorough hand washing
  • Constant antiseptic washing of surfaces
  • Avoiding contact with your mouth and nose of fingers that may have come in contact with infected surfaces or people.
  • Social distancing

Let’s work to get through this together. 


The doctors and team of OSOLC and GURNEE ORTHODONTICS.