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Smart software, straight teeth

Making our patients smile is our priority; achieving great results is what we do for you. How do we do it? With a combination of the latest orthodontic technology, a range of treatment options and an expert team looking after you. All you need to do is book an appointment – and the first one is free.

  • Fewer in-office appointments
  • Precise results with short treatment time
  • Weekly virtual appointments
  • Regular communication


Invisible treatment, spectacular results

Invisalign is a clear, comfortable and virtually invisible alternative to braces. This versatile orthodontic treatment method uses clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into position, straightening them and achieving a truly spectacular smile you can be proud of.

  • Invisible treatment, no braces
  • Custom made removable aligners
  • No irritating wires or brackets
  • Treatment that fits your lifestyle

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Transforming smiles in our communities

Having been in practice for over 25 years, Drs. Sellke, Reily and Kats have treated more than 13,000 patients in Grayslake, Antioch and Gurnee, Illinois and surrounding areas.

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Orthodontic Specialists of Lake County were more concerned for my safety than their appointment schedule and they helped reschedule my appointment in a snap.

Julia Plescia

He was very thorough and answered all my questions. He recommended an 8 month treatment plan. I was quite surprised to finish a month early.

Jerry Zygmunt

Super friendly and helpful! I trust them with my teeth! I’m ready for my new smile!

Jessica Alcay

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