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Meet our doctors

With over 13,000 patients treated, Dr. Sellke and Dr. Kats have a proven track record of spectacular smiles. They share the same philosophy - using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques for an ultra-efficient treatment experience second to none.

Patients at OSOLC can see both of our doctors, providing greater flexibility in scheduling and multiple sets of eyes monitoring their oral care and treatment progress. Providing top-quality care is more than just a job to our orthodontists, - it’s something to smile about every day.

Our Orthodontic Specialists

Dr. Olga Kats

Specialist Orthodontist | DMD, MS

Dr. Kats’ family settled in Chicago when she was seven years old. She fell in love with dentistry early in life after her own orthodontic treatment. She decided to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago for her undergraduate degree while she worked at an orthodontic clinic.

Dr. Kats continued with her graduate work at the University of Minnesota where she also did her orthodontic residency since she was impressed by the school’s focus on innovative technology and the future of orthodontics.

She prides herself on her desire to keep learning what’s new in orthodontics and her ability to build a rapport with patients. Dr. Kats feels at home at OSOLC because of our patient-centered approach and commitment to embracing the latest innovations in orthodontic treatment.

When she’s not treating patients, Dr. Kats enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves being active and enjoys outdoor activities like rollerblading and hiking. She also loves trying out new restaurants and traveling.

Dr. Terry Sellke

Specialist Orthodontist | DDS, MS

Born in Chicago, Dr. Terry A. Sellke is a native Illinoisian. His fervor for Illinois extends to his academic background - having graduated from the University of Illinois for his bachelor’s degree, for dental school, for his orthodontic training, and even for his master’s degree.

It didn’t end there! Dr. Sellke teaches orthodontics and has been a master's thesis advisor in the Department of Orthodontics for over 30 years. He holds the rank of professor, was co-director of the clinic and earned the “Master Clinician” title.

Dr. Sellke taught more than 20 local orthodontists how to straighten teeth. He lectures locally and internationally on clinical orthodontics as well as another one of his passions - applying business principles to the practice of orthodontics.

Other affiliations and accomplishments of Dr. Sellke include serving in:

  • The Board of Directors of the Illinois Orthodontic Alumni Association (26 years)
  • The Lake County Board of Health (16 years)
  • The board of the Foundation for Orthodontic Research (20 years)

He served as the president of each organization.

Dr. Sellke was elected to the American College of Dentists by his peers and has been a reviewer for the American Journal of Orthodontics for many years. He has published dozens of articles on orthodontics in professional journals worldwide. His text on the Bioprogressive Orthodontic Philosophy has been translated into four languages.

Dr. Sellke lives in Libertyville. His passions outside of orthodontics involve either the mountains or the beach. He loves golfing, skiing, snorkeling, sailing, and working. (He is a workaholic who loves orthodontics!) However, he’s no good at tennis.

Dr. Sellke has two children named Kirk and Kristin and he loves to spend time with his 3 grandchildren, Gracie, Maddie, and Clyde.

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